CAG is formed by a group of volunteers who work in London and work part time fundraising to support children in Pereira.
Some are originally from Pereira and have witnessed the desperate hand to mouth situations that these children face.

Fundación Gedeones en Acción is the Spanish name to the Centre on the outskirts of Pereira where more than 70 children live.

They are provided with food, a friendly and protective home, the feeling of belonging to a family and a formal education. The centre in run by Rubiela Isaza who takes care of the children, from toddlers to adolescents.

They are taught the values of tolerance, equality, respect and honesty. They are gradually given a series of responsibilities in the centre as well as vocational job training.


The volunteers


Jorge Castaño

​​​​Some of his duties are to support the CAG team in order to develop and put into practice activities and programs that will result in improvement of the kids and teenagers’ wellbeing. ​


“Ever since I joined CAG I have met so many big-hearted people who help kids in need without expecting anything in return. CAG gave me the opportunity to spend 3 wonderful weeks in the orphanage. This experience changed my life completely.”

Nancy Mu

Nancy was the first person to collaborate with the project in Pereira in 2000. Nancy leads on public relations with Latin American communities and companies.


​”What I like most about CAG is that the people involved work selflessly, honestly and are always so dedicated to do all they can to help these people who are so vulnerable and in need of help”.

Ariel Rojas

​In 2014, Ariel originally from Chile, participated in a event for CAG and after a short period of time he became a key volunteer and now he is the Vicepresident


“I always have been very critic with injustice. CAG gave me the opportunity to do something small so I could change the injustice that these kids face in and made me think that a better world is possible”

Marta Beltrán

Marta is one of the founders of CAG. She started to work in 2012 raising awareness about the difficulties in the Colombian childhood. Marta works tirelessly to fight for the rights of the kids in Colombia and Latin America.


”What I like the most about CAG is that it has given me the opportunity to live new adventures when trying to raise funds and at the same time, to meet a group of people with giant hearts”.

Vanessa Ríos

Vanessa is also a Founder of CAG and works in the events logistics and charitable activities


“At first, the project caught my attention because the Centre needed a lot of help and support. I would like to help these kids achieve a better quality of life with our projects”.


  • CAG supports and speaks out for Colombia’s most vulnerable children aiming to provide them with a decent start in life and a brighter future.
  • CAG guarantees the children rights to health, accommodation, education, food and recreation.
  • CAG provides funding and support for professional job courses that prepare young people for adult life
  • CAG develops strategies to obtain physical, financial and humanitarian resources to provide the programmes, working in conjunction with different organisations.
  • CAG obtains funding, grants and other financial assistance that supports the work carried out.

Our Vision

CAG’s vision is for all Colombian children and adolescents to have a loving and secure home where they have a sense of belonging. We believe that through our work we can challenge injustice and significantly reduce poverty and inequality, enabling the children and adolescents to create their own destiny and achieve the maximum out of their life.